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How It Works

Contact Page Marketing Machine (CPMM) is a revolutionary new program that automatically delivers your messages through contact pages on your prospects’ own websites! This virtually guarantees that your messages will be read.
Automated Contact Page Marketing Machine (CPMM) gets 30 X the Response over Emailing!
No More Relying upon Emails that Go Bad Quickly! No Email Filter Issues!
Just one very inexpensive CPMM license can submit tens of thousands a day!
The HTML Editor can insert into your message your own website links and handles Unicode for foreign websites submissions.
CPMM Tracks each website submitted and creates a Lead follow-up file!
FREE Business Data. Get access to Millions of US Businesses. Free Offer expires Friday at 9:00pm. Search Business Data Here
Choose prospects by Industry (SIC CODE) and Geographically by State or Country – or use your own data!


I am sure you are familiar with CAPTCHA codes, they are the squiggly letters and numbers you are asked to enter online to verify that you are in fact a real human being. What makes Contact Page Marketing Machine really tick is its supernatural ability to figure out those silly little codes.
CPMM’s built in brain can resolve the majority of captcha codes however sometimes it runs into a code which it cannot resolve on its own. In those cases it transfers that CAPTCHA image to its command-and-control server. From there, the image is relayed to an army of CAPTCHA resolvers, who work day and night ready to pick up a new image from their profile, solve it and submit an answer. They get paid for every correct answer. (Captcha Solution will become available in the next software update.)


The cost of this service is very low.
$1.39 gets you 1,000 solved Captcha codes.

Business Data

Contact Page Marketing Machine will crank through hundreds of business websites an hour happily delivering your personalized message to each one. Use the built-in internet search engine to automatically identify targeted business prospects or import your own business marketing data into CPMM.
Business marketing data is available from a number of reputable companies like Info USA, Melissa Data, Opt-In-Email Marketing-Lists, Hoovers, D&B and Hugo Dunhill. These companies sell essentially the same data – after all how many different ways can you package up a company’s name, address, phone numbers and email.
CPMM has made special arrangements with Opt-In-Email-Marketing-Lists to provide you with their world class business marketing data. When you purchase CPMM, you will receive Opt-In-Email-Marketing-Lists famous business data containing detailed information on Millions of US businesses.
This data is a GOLDMINE – in addition to powering CPMM use it for your email marketing, direct mail and prospecting by phone and fax. To learn more about Opt-In-Email Marketing-Lists data and for a free data sample click here to create an account, they will give you 100 free credits to play with.Click here to try out Opt-In-Email-Marketing-Lists business data search.



One Contact Page Marketing Machine Software License

BONUS Business Data
100,000 Data Credits from
US Business Database EVERY MONTH!

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$199 per month

Month to month, cancel any time.